The Sign in the Yard

The lady in the house across the street from me put back up the Trump/Pence sign in her yard. From this, I’m inclined to make the following inferences… do you agree?

  • She is spitting in my face… and in the face of my father, who served in the US Army during WW II in the fight against fascism, and who has now been characterized as a “loser and sucker” by her candidate of choice.
  • She is telling me, clearly and unequivocally, that she supports both fascism and racism.
  • She is revealing that she supports the outright treasonous conduct that we have all witnessed, against the interests of the people of the United States in deference to the interests of Russia and other foreign adversaries.
  • She is showing acceptance and support for the malfeasance and incompetence that has resulted in the needless death of a majority of the 215,000+ who have died from the pandemic… along with the associated recession, unemployment surge, and destruction of businesses facilitated by the ongoing indifference and lack of competent action from this administration.
  • She is disclosing that she has either been unable to recognize that someone with access to and control of our nuclear codes has blatantly, repeatedly and publicly engaged in abusive and malignantly psychopathic behaviors and mental health disorders, over a period of years… or that she does recognize it, but she is just fine with it.
  • She is indicating that she embraces running our government with a degree of corruption, lawlessness and grossly unethical tactics analogous to that typical of a mafia operation; or that she is grossly unaware of what is going on in America today; or that she is living in an “alternative reality” divorced from the empirical world.
  • She is signaling that she doesn’t give a damn about the severe ramifications to our climate that our children will inherit, or about the obscenely rising national debt that places a devastating burden upon future generations.

I don’t know how to ever have respect for this person, ever again. I respect her right to have opinions that are different than mine, and to express them. But good people don’t support this madness, and good people won’t vote to continue it. There is no way I can have personal respect for someone who has a belief system virtually identical to that of those who supported what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, and that led to my relatives of generations past being sent to the gas chambers.

I have never had a chance to speak with her beyond a brief hello that we have sometimes exchanged when I jog by her house or go pick up my mail from the mailbox. But now I can’t help but see her as a monster. And all she had to do for that to happen was to put up that disgusting sign in her yard.

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3 thoughts on “The Sign in the Yard”

  1. Thank you. You so eloquently put into words how I and so many feel when we see trump signs. Add to that these fools that get together in their trucks and cars with huge trump flags and drive in a line through town and neighborhoods, screaming and honking their horns for hours. They run red lights and stop signs and intimidate people. But the local government won’t stop them. Even when it was brought to their attention that one truck was dragging a Black Matters flag under one of the trucks. One of the government…..think it was a commissioner or council women said she is part of the “trump train” and she just thought someone’s flag fell off. Yeah right. She said that they got together and had a prayer meeting with a pastor before each drive. That these are good people and they didn’t need a permit as they were a parade. This is a very red county.
    And I worry about this election. The consequences are going to be bad, no matter what the outcome is. It will embolden them if he wins, and anger them if he loses. Ex-friends now that are Republicans warned me 4 years ago if trump lost there would be a war. After 4 years of being stirred up and these white supremacy groups thinking they can take over….this may get even worse. Now not all Republicans are crazy. Some donate to the Lincoln Project and other groups against trump.
    I pray he loses so bad there is no way he can fight it. But we know he will pull every dirty trick to stay in power. And these idiots will kill for him. This is insane. But the alternative is he wins and these next 4 years will totally destroy any decency and everything that’s good about our country. And it will embolden not only him but his cult following.
    I’d rather die before we let him have another term. We must stand against him and his cult.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Yes, it is indeed insane. I don’t really think of it as red vs blue so much anymore. I see it as intelligent vs gullible; good vs evil; America vs Russia; and democracy vs fascism.

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