We Are NOT Powerless — Do Something About It!

200,000+ Americans dead, a majority of them an unnecessary consequence of incompetence and deliberate malfeasance. A federal government defined by corruption on a scale well beyond anything witnessed in our lifetimes. The treasonous betrayal of American interests to Russia. A man with the nuclear codes suffering from severe psychiatric disorders. Massive job losses coupled with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Those who have served America in uniform characterized as “losers and suckers.” A Senate and President that sprints in a mad rush to fill a Supreme Court seat with someone who will likely act to take health insurance from millions and stand against justice and equality for decades, but that can’t muster the effort to deal with COVID-19 and a recession relief package for month upon month. Continue Reading >>

Anatomy of a Death Cult

Many times in the past, America has asked its soldiers to risk their own death and to kill others. It has always purported to have a purpose: to defend America and its values. Our men and women in uniform have sacrificed to protect their loved ones and to serve the greater good.

Jeffrey Goldberg recently reported in The Atlantic that Donald Trump has characterized those who have sacrificed and served in uniform for America as losers and suckers. It is tempting to infer from this that Trump fundamentally doesn’t understand the idea of sacrifice. But there is substantial evidence to the contrary. Trump understands very well the idea of having individuals sacrifice on his behalf. Again and again, he has encouraged many to sacrifice their credibility, their reputation, and even their lives, all on his behalf. Continue Reading >>