Speak Truth To Power

Graphic via stmatthewmedina.org.

Racists don’t like being told they are racists.

Those who support politicians who refuse to enact gun safety legislation don’t like being told they have blood on their hands when so many people needlessly die.

People who support or remain silent to the rise of fascism in the United States don’t like being compared to those in Italy and Germany who supported or stayed silent when Mussolini and Hitler engaged in nearly identical behaviors.

But these people ARE racists. They DO have blood on their hands. And they SUPPORT the END OF AMERICA as a secular, capitalistic democracy.

They often wrap themselves in the American flag to pretend to be patriots, but what they are really expressing is white nationalism.

These people are in a minority, but THEY WILL WIN if the rest of us remain silent and fail to call them out for being racists and/or fascists and/or for loving their guns more than the lives of our neighbors and children.

Don’t let these people silence you. Kumbaya will not fix it. Thoughts and prayers will not fix it. Let’s all come together won’t fix it, because there is zero chance it will happen.

This is a time for speaking truth to power. If they are your customers, you might lose their business, but so what? Why do you want these kind of people as customers? Calling these people out is better than losing America and everything good and decent that it has ever represented.

We must relentlessly challenge bad beliefs until real change is effected and those who hold those beliefs become too embarrassed and ashamed to express them.

If you expect the person next to you to do it while you keep your mouth shut and stay out of controversy, THEY WILL WIN.

The End.

PS: This is gaslighting from a hypocrite who is pretending to be “reasonable” while trying to silence us into accepting their horrific behavior:

and so is this:

and here Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Mo Ryan succinctly explain how calls for “unity” are being insincerely used as a means of silencing critics and to allow the continued practice of racism and fascism:

May the force be with us!

🎶I won’t be silenced
You can’t keep me quiet
Won’t tremble when you try it
All I know is I won’t go speechless
‘Cause I’ll breathe when they try to suffocate me
Don’t you underestimate me
‘Cause I know that I won’t go speechless🎶

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